Our international presence, our climatic chambers and equipments in the world

DYCOMETAL EQUIPOS DE CONTROL DE CALIDAD, S.L. has installed equipment (test chambers, climatic chambers, thermal test chambers, corrosion chambers, tightness chambers) in all parts of the world reinforcing our international presence. We have an international distribution network in more than 20 countries around the world: Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Nordic countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark), Turkey, Israel, Czech Republic, Romania, Belarus, Russia, … All our collaborators have their own maintenance service to carry out the installation and maintenance of our equipment, providing direct support to the client in order to guarantee the reliability of the operation of our equipment, as well as a close maintenance service and personalized.

Currently DYCOMETAL is expanding its commercial network by offering our products and services in:

Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, Mexico, Slovenia, the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia),…

Interest in our teams internationally continues to grow.

If you want to be a DYCOMETAL supplier, you can contact our commercial department directly: comercial@dycometal.com.

If you wish to contact any of our local partners, these are the contact details:

Portugal – portugal@dycometal.com

United Kingdom – united-kingdom@dycometal.com

France – france@dycometal.com

Italy – italy@dycometal.com

Poland (Polska) – poland@dycometal.com

Norway (Norge) – norway@dycometal.com

Finland (Suomi) – finland@dycometal.com

Sweden (Sverige) – sweden@dycometal.com

Denmark (Danmark) – denmark@dycometal.com

Turkey (Türkiye) – turkey@dycometal.com

Israel (ישראל) – israel@dycometal.com

Czech Republic (Česká Republika) – czech-republic@dycometal.com

Romania (România) – romania@dycometal.com

Belarus (Беларусь) – belarus@dycometal.com

Russia (Россия) – russia@dycometal.com


Test chambers in Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Israel, Czech Republic, Romania, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, United States, Mexico, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia



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