Sectors, markets, applications

Sectors, markets and applications that our quality control and environmental simulation equipment may have:

Ensayos ambientales de automoción


Environmental tests are in charge of simulating the environmental conditions that a vehicle will have to face in any part of the world, from the extreme cold of the polar zones to the high temperatures of the desert zones or the maritime zones with high salinity. DYCOMETAL offers solutions for any type of environmental condition that vehicles will face throughout their useful life. Our technical-commercial department will be happy to advise you on the configuration of the equipment that best suits the needs of your tests.

Ensayos ambientales


The environmental tests for the different components in the aeronautical and aerospace industry are among the most demanding in order to guarantee a take-off and landing in perfect conditions. The samples must be subjected to the most extreme conditions: temperature, pressure, traction, corrosion, etc. Always in order to guarantee the durability of the different components. Our technical-commercial department has extensive knowledge of the different tests, contact us.

Ensayos ambientales electrónica


The current demand in the electronics market has required a control and testing system to guarantee reliability and reduce warranty costs, this translates into a complete environmental test plan: temperature, humidity, vibration and dust-tightness or rain. Our developments include cameras developed for servers, data centers, etc. Where the dissipation of the components is extreme and it is necessary to guarantee the environmental conditions with the maximum accuracy. Consult with our technical-commercial department for more information.

Ensayos ambientales nuevos materiales


Science advances, and new materials are the order of the day. These new materials must be analyzed in their behavior against climatic agents: temperature, humidity, solar radiation, corrosion resistance, etc., in order to verify their resistance and duration over time. DYCOMETAL offers a wide range of solutions for the development of new materials from chambers specifically designed for tensile tests, such as thermal shock chambers for stress submission. Contact our technical-commercial department for better advice on your possibilities.

Ensayos ambientales materiales de construcción


Manufacturers of construction products must ensure that the materials supplied must be resistant to the different climatic conditions to which they will be subjected during their useful life. DYCOMETAL has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of chambers for construction materials with a broad portfolio both standardized and custom-developed according to customer specifications and regulations. Our products range from climatic chambers, carbonation, test chambers according to ETAG, freeze-thaw chambers, etc. Contact our technical-commercial department for personalized advice.

Cámaras climáticas de estabilidad para la industria farmacéutica


From DYCOMETAL we offer extensive experience in the development, design and manufacture of climatic chambers for stability tests for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry (pharmaceutical, biotechnological, dermo-aesthetic, veterinary, hospital, etc.) prepared to meet the conditions of medium or long duration studies, as well as accelerated studies, complying with ICH, FDA or GMP guidelines. We have a wide range of stability chamber solutions for both small volumes (compact cameras) and large volumes (walk-in or rooms). Likewise, our accredited laboratory offers the possibility of carrying out the complete qualification of the system (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ) and our maintenance service guarantees the continuous and long-lasting operation of the equipment.
Our technical-commercial department will be happy to advise you on the best configuration of your camera.

Cámaras climáticas de estabilidad para


DYCOMETAL’s visitable CCKmf chambers have been specifically developed for production, conservation or R&D in various applications such as plant growth, seed germination, tissue culture, algae growth, insect rearing and other applications within the field of microbiology.
You can contact our technical-commercial department to request a camera configuration designed according to your needs.

Cámaras climáticas de estabilidad para


The defense industry has always been at the forefront in environmental testing, in order to guarantee resistance to the most extreme conditions that can be found in vehicles, electrical materials and supplies. Our products will simulate any environmental conditions that are necessary for any sample size, both in standardized designs and in customized solutions for the defense sector. Contact our technical-commercial department to have more information about our products.

Cámaras climáticas de ensayos de simulación de corrosión


One of the main destructive agents of nature is corrosion, being one of the main causes of economic losses. All sectors: automotive, aeronautics, railways, paints or any metal treatment industry, have corrosion simulation tests within their quality standards. Our solutions go through different types of tests such as salt spray, kesternich condensation, cyclic corrosion or combined cycles. Request more information from our technical-commercial department.

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