Cámaras de ensayos ambientales con cambios de temperatura realizadas en cámaras de choque térmico

Following on from the environmental tests of IEC 60068-2-14, Test N – Temperature Changes, the second test variant (Na, Rapid change of temperature with prescribed time of transfer) has to be performed in a thermal shock chamber. However, standard chambers often do not take into account fundamental parameters of this test such as: the amount of tested material, the type of tested material or whether there is heat dissipation during the test. Our thermal shock chambers are always calculated taking into account the real needs of the customer, to ensure that the system perfectly meets the real requirements that the tester will have to test. For example, our model CRT2V-70/166T, an equipment with standard dimensions but with a technical part studied for the customer taking into account the test variables and the mass to be tested.