Project Description

Kesternich testing is designed to simulate industrial or urban atmospheres through the formation of an artificial atmosphere by adding sulfur dioxide air, with or without carbon dioxide. Kesternich chambers get an artificial atmosphere with the maximum approximation to the results obtained when metals are exposed in natural sulfur atmospheres.
Humidostatic chambers or for humidity condensation, allow do testing of resistance to humidity (humidostatic); it consists in submitting the samples under climatic conditions of high temperature and humidity until saturation. The water vapor will condense on the samples and It can be possible to determine the resistance to the water condensation.

• Volumes:                      From 300 liters
• Temperature range:   From room +10ºC to +60ºC
• Humidity range:          100% RH

– Control panel and regulation placed in the front. Easy to use and easy to see.
– Interior manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316
– Rockwool insulation
– Samples-rack
– PT-100 Ohm, DIN Class A.

– Bottle Liquid Paraffin (VCK).
– Set of rubber hoses for connecting the dispenser (VCK).