External conditioning units are designed to do trials in test benches: materials, vehicles, electronic components, aerospace pieces or finished products according with the cycles of temperature or temperature and humidity.

The unit has an external test space to sample conditioning, connected to the unit by thermo-insulated hoses. That workspace has to be close to the conditioning unit avoiding losses in the hoses. The workspace is adapted to the test bench.

These equipments give a very high flexibility to do different tests over different samples and workspaces.


  • Volumes:              Tailor-made
  • Temperature range:          -70ºC, -40ºC, -25ºC or 0ºC to +180ºC
  • Humidity range:                 From 20% to 90% HR (Optional).


– Control by microprocessor with automatic and precise adjustment.

– High precision temperature probe and humidity capacitive sensor.

– Insulated workspace and adjusted to the geometry of the test bench.

– Flexible insulated houses to communicate with the workspace.

– Access port

– Height adjustable legs or casters (depending on models).

– Automata for fault management with display screen by messages.

– Condenser unit: air or water cooled.


– Reinforced floor or without floor.

– Additional shelves.

– Cryogenic valve for injection of liquid nitrogen.

– I/O digital or analog for events.

– Compressed air drier for reduce the humidity levels, increasing the dew point range.

– Additional sensor to control the temperature on samples.

– Data Logger.