Project Description

Vertical air forced freezer has the same features than the horizontal systems, but with different design. These equipments have more ergonomics, expediting the introduction/extraction of the samples.
The vertical configuration allows the chamber occupy less space, one advantage when the laboratory has not a lot of space. The vertical configuration give the chamber the possibility of introduce several trays for large amount of samples.

• Volumes:                                From 80 to 2.000 liters
• Temperature range:             From room to -25ºC, -40ºC or -70ºC
• Temperature Stability:        ±0,1 ºC to ±0,5ºC
• Temperature Uniformity:   ±0,5 ºC to ±1,5ºC
– Temperature control with automatic adjustment and precise control system of the PID parameters.
– High accuracy temperature probe.
– Interior made in stainless steel.
– Height adjustable legs or casters.
– Lower sound level.
– Customized solutions.
– Programmer with communication port RS-232 and remote control software.
– Data logger.
– Time switch.
– Access-port with different diameters.
– Reinforced structure for heavy samples.
– Defrost by hot gases.