Inside of the chambers CM f, it is possible to do cultivation in controlled environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and light), reducing the impact of the environmental variables, reducing the incident of contaminants agents like plagues or pathogen agents.
The principal features of the chambers are: 600 and 1200 liters, different options of airflow, different types of lights (fluorescent, led, sodium vapor, etc).

Application: plant growth, Arabidopsis, algae, entomology, etc.


  • Volumes:                              From 600 to 1.200 liters
  • Temperature range (lights off):      +5ºC to +50ºC
  • Temperature range (lights on):       +5ºC hastota +30ºC
  • Humidity range (lights off):            From 40% to 90% HR.
  • Humidity range (lights on):            From 40% to 80% HR.
  • Temperature Stability:                    ± 0,3ºC to ± 0,5ºC
  • Temperature Uniformity:                ±0,5 ºC to ±1,5ºC
  • Humidity stability:                    ±1%HR
  • Humidity Uniformity:                     ±1%HR to ±3%HR


– High accuracy double regulator to control temperature and humidity.

– High precision temperature probe and humidity capacitive sensor.

– Methacrylate box with safety key to avoid manipulation.

– Light control system day/night

– Illumination: horizontal or vertical

– Interior and exterior made in Stainless Steel AISI 304.

– Lock with key in door.

– Magnetic weather-strip.

– 80 mm Access-ports.

– Height adjustable legs or casters.

– Air cooled condenser unit.


– Control by microprocessor DYCOMETAL’s ACTTA, with touch screen panel.

– Water reservoir tank (80 liters).

– Gas control system: O2, CO2, etc

– Different type of lights: Led, Sodium, etc

– Different temperature range.

– Samples protection system.

– Door with glass.

– 4 Casters.

– Additional shelves.

– Lacquered exterior.

– Water demineralization system.