Project Description

The dust tightness tests are performed on different components to evaluate the degree of protection to solid agents, evaluating its resistance in values from 1 to 6, being its IP XY nomenclature (X = from 1 to 6). These values will be done depending of the diameter of the used particles during the test. The equipments where these tests are done are named Dust Test Chambers.
The samples that are susceptible to this kind of test use to be: systems of street lighting, traffic lights, lighting and signal elements in automotive, electric and electronic elements of acoustic or lighting safety, electric panels, tight electric boxes, catadioptics, etc.

• Volumes: From 512 to 8.000 liters

– Suction and suspension of dust by means of compressed air or blower fan.
– Suspension of dust by envelope through circulation pump.
– Workspace manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI 304(18/8).
– Glass door with frame with cleaning brush.
– Access-port of 80 mm.
– Interior light.
– Manometer.
– Cycle counter.

– Customized solutions
– Height adjustable trays.
– Accessories to do the standards according SAE J575 jointly with EN 60529 in the same chamber.