Project Description

When the components to be tested have big dimensions, the number of samples are a lot or the weight are high, it’s necessary the use of Walk-in chambers.
These chambers will be manufactured by insulated panels (modular chambers), for a temperature range at maximum +90ºC.
Our new MODUBLOCK format allows the transport of the modular chamber by a forklift. Its volumes can be from 700 to more than 10.000 liters.
Applications: electronic, automotive, pharmaceutical, plant growth, etc.

• Volumes:                               From 700 to more than 300.000 liters
• Temperature range:            -70ºC, -40ºC, -25ºC or 0ºC to +85ºC
• Humidity range:                  From 20% to 98% RH.
• Temperature Stability:       ±0,1 ºC to ±0,5ºC
• Temperature Uniformity:   ±0,5 ºC to ±1,5ºC
• Humidity stability:               ±1%RH
• Humidity Uniformity:         ±1%RH to ±3%RH

– High accuracy double regulator to control temperature and humidity.
– High density insulation.
– Different interior finished: lacquered or stainless steel.
– Exterior: lacquered or stainless steel.
– Access door: 1800 x 850 mm.
– Lock door with key.
– Internal door aperture system.
– Observation window.
– Safety elements.
– Access port, 80 mm.
– High precision temperature probe and humidity capacitive sensor.
– Interior light.
– Cooling group manufactured with housing. It can be placed over the chamber, on the ceiling of the room or in the machine room.
– Troubleshooting management Automat.

– Control by microprocessor DYCOMETAL’s ACTTA, with touch screen panel.
– Extended temperature range (SOLID WALK-IN)
– MODUBLOCK structure, to move the chamber.
– Health profiles.
– Plant growth light systems.
– Sun simulation light systems.
– Custom doors with special aperture: Pivoting double door, sliding, guillotine, etc
– Gases control.
– Compressed air drier for reduce the humidity levels, increasing the dew point range.
– Shelves with different height levels: polypropylene or stainless steel trays.
– Additional access ports.
– Water demineralization system.
– Data loggers: paper or Paperless Graphic Recorder