Project Description

The rain tightness tests are performed on different components to evaluate the degree of protection against the water insertion, evaluating its resistance in values from 1 to 9, being its IP XY nomenclature (Y = from 0 to 9). The equipments where these tests are done are named Rain Test Chambers.

• Volumes: From 512 to 1.000 liters

– Workspace manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI 316 (18/8).
– Rain arc: fixed and oscillating with adjustable position from 0ºC till 350ºC.
– Rotary sample platform with regulation in height and rotator speed
– Exterior: manufactured in steel and painted according RAL-9010
– Observation window with frame
– Board of flexible silicone seal around the frame to ensure a tight seal of the door
– 4 silent blocks.
– Access port 80 mm.
– Closed water circuit circulation.
– Rotameter precision, with control valve for measuring water flow.
– Manometer and pressure regulation
– Control panel in ergonomic position.

– Customized solutions
– Drop box for 1 and 2 degrees
– Jett nozzles for IPX5, IPX6 and IPX6K
– Accessories for standard JIS 0203 , R1 y R2 (shower test), S1 and S2 (rain test)
– Accessories for test DIN 40050 Part 9, IPX4K