Project Description

Building materials installed outdoors must withstand strong climatic actions: rain, Sun, wind, ice, etc. In winter, they continue experiencing large changes in the day/night cycle, with absorption of humidity during the day and frost at night, causing a significant degradation of the material. With freeze thaw Chambers, manufacturers of building materials can optimize their products laboratory, and as a result can be minimized or eliminated damage.
Standards: UNE-EN ISO 10545, UNE 67048, UNE 22174, etc.

• Volumes:                              From 525 to 1.400 liters
• Temperature range:           From -25ºC to +30ºC
• Temperature Stability:      ±0,1 ºC to ±0,5ºC
• Temperature Uniformity: ±0,5 ºC to ±1,5ºC
– Temperature control with automatic adjustment and precise control system of the PID parameters.
– High accuracy temperature probe.
– Interior made in stainless steel.
– Height adjustable legs or casters.
– Lower sound level.
– Customized solutions.
– Pneumatic cylinder to cap aperture.
– Sample water spray systems.
– Temperature control, over samples.
– Special samples-racks.
– Thermal conditioned water reservoir.