These chambers combined, also called AGREE chambers, combine the own conditions of temperature and humidity in a climate chamber, with vibration, to simulate climatic and vibration conditions, similar to those must bear the equipment or material throughout its life useful during operation. The agree chamber are manufactured with an adapted floor in order to introduce a vibration system below the chamber. This vibration system holds the device under test. The chambers have a high temperature change rate, subjecting the sample to a highly accelerated stress.
The chambers have a flexible design, because in the market exists a lot of models and sizes of vibration systems.

·        Volumes: From 125 liters to 2.000 liters
·        Temperature range: -70ºC, -40ºC, -25ºC or 0ºC to +180ºC
·        Humidity range: From 10% to 98% RH.
·        Temperature Stability ± 0,3ºC to ± 0,5ºC
·        Temperature Uniformity: ±0,5 ºC to ±1,5ºC
·        Humidity stability: ±1%HR
·        Humidity Uniformity: ±1%HR to ±3%HR


– Control by microprocessor with automatic and precise adjustment.

– High precision temperature probe and humidity capacitive sensor.

– Vibration: horizontal, vertical or both.

– Adapted floor to combine with shaker.

– Solid floor to use the chamber without the shaker.

– Observation window.

– Interior light.

– 80 mm Access-port.

– Alarms management system

– Height adjustable legs or casters (depending on models).

– RS-232 Communication port.

– Remote control Software.

– Automata for fault management with display screen by messages.

– Condenser unit: air or water cooled.

– Control by microprocessor DYCOMETAL’s ACTTA, with touch screen panel.

– Additional access ports of different diameters.

– Shelves.

– Cryogenic valve for injection of liquid nitrogen.

– I/O digital or analog for events.

– Compressed air drier for reduce the humidity levels, increasing the dew point range.

– Additional sensor to control the temperature on samples.

– Water reservoir tank (80 liters)).

– Water demineralization system.

– Data Logger.