Thermostatted immersion bath for cyclical temperature tests on Telecommunications elements

Environmental tests can be very diverse and can be performed in different environments depending on where the samples to be tested will be used, either in air or underwater in temperature controlled conditions. When tests are performed underwater instead of in air, temperature-controlled immersion baths are used, such as our BTI-1518 bath developed for testing fiber optic equipment and accessories.

The BTI-1518 thermostatized bath has a large volumetric capacity, 1518 liters, with dimensions of 600 x 2300 x 1100 mm (Height x Width x Depth), and allows temperature cycles between +10 ºC and +55 ºC, thanks to its heating and cooling system. Moreover, thanks to its robust construction, in addition to withstanding the weight and pressure of the water, it can test boxes weighing up to 100 kg. The advanced control system allows the test values to be recorded on an external computer for subsequent reporting.