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Corporate Video

From DYCOMETAL, we are pleased to present our new corporate video. We have done our best to show you our company, our services, our dedication and our commitment to the equipment we manufacture so that you can see the impetus we put into all our projects. We hope you like it.

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Test chambers in Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Israel, Czech Republic, Romania, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, United States, Mexico, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Hungary, Vietnam, Argentina, Slovakia, Pakistan, Colombia

Our international presence

DYCOMETAL EQUIPOS DE CONTROL DE CALIDAD, S.L. has installed equipment in all parts of the world reinforcing our international presence:


The after-sale service is one of the most important points of DYCOMETAL. Immediate Technical Assistance.

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Quality Politics

DYCOMETAL has decided to implement a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 standard to improve the service it provides to its customers.

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